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Published: 06th July 2011
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India is popularly known as a land of astrology. This is because many of the sages and learned astrologers of the world were originated from here. These astrologers have been doing their jobs for more than 5,000 years now.
In India, astrology has been highly regarded as an imperative restraint of education. Most of the legendary emperors and kings of different religions and races were known to believe in the power of Indian astrology. From Hindu Kings to Muslim Emperors, all known personalities have believed in the impeccable power of Indian astrology.
Today, people in India and abroad give high value to the science of astrology. This is also the reason that the popularity of Indian astrology sites have shot up in the past many years. You can easily spot a site online via getting into a simple research. These astrology sites are developed and monitors by highly experienced astrologers. These astrologers are proficient in predicting future. One can easily get information of various topics including love, marriage, relationship, education, career, money, health and a lot more via visiting these sites.
Vedic astrology is known to emphasize on varied life cycles. The astrological calculations for the science are based on the following:
Birth time
Date of birth
Place of birth
Position of planets and stars during birth
This Indian Astrology science focuses on intense observation of various positions of planets. The astral location is also valued. It is believed that planets would create an impact on human lives. In the earlier stages, Vedic astrology believed that only stars influence the conditions of human lives. This was a theory maintained in the ancient time. Later, zodiac signs were also included into the astrology. These are the basic constellations of stars and their parameters for calculation.
The zodiac system encompasses twenty seven constellations. Twelve zodiac signs, nine planets and twelve houses are present. The primary subdivisions of the Indian astrology include the following:
Mundake astrology
Siddhanta astrology
Hora astrology
Each of the above stated subdivisions possesses many smaller categories. The union of Indian Vedic cultures with ancient Buddhist traditions has created many popular results and trends. These have also resulted into many variants of Vedic science branch. The Indian astrology science has reached many of the distant Buddhist monasteries. Here, the monks are seen practicing the Indian astrology science.

Indian astrology has experienced many variations since the ancient times. Most of the Islamic rulers brought in their own prediction symbols. Tarot reading is very popular these days. It is a West Asian custom and has gained good amount of popularity among people across the globe. India, parrots are known to be a popular source of making predictions.
Today, Indian astrologers practise via reading birth charts or janam kundli. These are created after the birth of a baby and based on time of birth, date of birth and time of birth. These kundlis are powerful and can predict future accurately when read by a practised astrologer.

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