Indian Astrology and Marriages: The Connection

Published: 06th July 2011
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Astrology is referred to as the oldest of all sciences that exist in this world. The study of astrology has benefitted the world a lot. Indian astrology has been famous for its accurate predictions and solutions in all spheres of life. Indian Astrology can also be defined as an important facet of ancient Vedic literature. It has been practiced for more than centuries now. Many practised an experienced astrologers have obtained immense fame and recognition via using the science to predict various things in life.
In India, marriage is a big affair. The number of ceremonies to the number of people attending the wedding and the customs associated are elaborate. Hence, it is ensured that marriages occur only after a proper assessment of horoscopes (birth chart) of the bride and the groom. According to Indian tradition, it is important to assess the horoscopes of bride and groom under the guidance of a practiced sage/astrologer.
It is also important to find out an auspicious day for marriage via following the horoscope. This auspicious time and is referred to as 'Muhurtha'. Development of Jathaka (horoscope) and then matching these Jathaka's are very important for marriages. Since marriage is one of the most important facets of life, it should be taken seriously. Any negligence can result in serious problems an even divorce in the long run.
The tradition of matching horoscopes of an individual with those of grooms and brides-to-be is strictly followed in most of the Indian communities even today. This is how parents reach to a conclusion for a compatible match for their sons and daughters. The tradition is more than centuries old.
Most of the matrimonial sites and agencies online will ask for a horoscope from their members to match. There are numerous benefits of matching horoscopes of prospective bride and groom prior to fixing the marriage.
Why match horoscopes for marriage?
It is seen that wedlock just breaks during the preliminary stage or soon after a few years. Some have to live without getting married. Others suffer from unhappy marriage. Horoscopes can reveal the factors responsible for the aforesaid and many other features responsible related to marriage.
It is said that the planet Venus or the seventh, second, fourth, fifth, and the eighth lords are basically accountable for an individual’s marriage life. Position of various planets and their characteristics should be studied to know what is in store for an individual’s life after marriage.
• Early marriage is possible under the following astrological circumstances:
• Position of the Seventh lord in Kendra/trikona.
• Position of Seventh house influenced by beneficial planets.
• Suitable placement of venus in Kendra and trikona
• Strong Lagna
Late marriages are due to malefic impact of the Seventh house, Seventh lord and Venus. Wedlock break can happen due to malefic impact. This usually results in divorce or partner’s death.
These events are elaborated only when the horoscope of an individual is carefully studied by an experienced Indian astrologer.

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