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Published: 30th June 2011
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Sages and practised astrologers practiced developed and refined system of astrology in ancient India. It is referred to as the 'jyotishvidya'. 'Jyotish' is a Sanskrit phrase and known as Vedic astrology in modern day. This astrology system is very famous in India.

Jyotish can also be referred to as the understanding of light, ‘Lord of Light’ in Sanskrit. The word can be broken as Jyoti and Isha. Isha represents Lord and Jyoti is a term used for light. Vidya represents study. Hence the entire phrase Jyotish Vidya will translate into ‘study of the science of light’. This study is more than five thousand years old!

The Vedas of the religious scripture belonging to ancient India is controlled by the spiritual tradition of India. The strength of character for Vedic astrology is writings. These are basically the teaching coming from ancient Indian learned sage Parashara. This great man transmitted facts of universe, secrets it withholds and overall functioning to his dedicated disciples. These teachings were later compiled by these disciples almost three thousand years back.

It is quite helpful to know about the earliest astrology structure on earth, the Vedic system. It is said that none of the astrological discipline can confront the precision of this science.

Vedic Astrology Charts

These are actually the astrological horoscopes found in astrology science used by western countries. These are also commonly referred to as birth charts. In India, these are known as Vedic horoscope or janma kundali. These charts hold potency to predict future of an individual as well as most of the significant incidents, events, milestones and accidents faced by an individual in his/her life. These predictions are based on accurate estimate of precise position of heavenly bodies such as planets and stars when an individual is born.

Two types of Vedic Astrology Charts are made in India; north Indian and south Indian. Here is a list of crucial information needed to calculate Vedic birth chart of an individual:

• Place of birth – The exact longitude and latitude the place where a person is born.

• Time Zone of birth – Accurate time of birth (hour, minute and second)

• Date of birth

Vedic Astrology Chart is known to display appropriate astrological facts about any individual. These include the following listed below:

• Sun sign

• Moon sign

• Precise ascendant sign

• Accurate position of varied planets in different houses

• Gana of the individual such as 'naragana' or a 'debgana' or a 'debarigana'

• Manglik dosha

• Divisional positions of chart

• Bhava

• Vimshottari dasha

• Nakshatras

• A lot more

In a nutshell, it is important to forward each detail related to an individual’s life is important to know about one’s future in detail and precision. One can know about the following listed below using his/her Vedic Astrology Chart.

• Career

• Relationships

• Health

• Love life

• Foreign travel

• Money

• Property

• Success

A lot more can be known about future using the power of Vedic Astrology Charts.

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